Front cover of Idirarod Nights
Iditarod Nights

Alaska, sixteen dogs, a man with secrets...

Claire is about to take sixteen dogs on the biggest race of her life: 1,049 miles of harsh terrain, extreme weather and sleep deprivation. She doesn't have time for romance.

LAST LINE CONTEST Honorable Mention: "Most Heartwarming"
~Awarded by the Chesapeake Romance Writers


Front cover of Her Phoenix Heart
Her Phoenix Heart

Renewal of the human spirit and a second chance at love.

There's no mistaking Beth's closely guarded heart, yet her compassion and vulnerability touch Tyler in a way he can't ignore. Does he have what it takes to heal the emotional scars that keep her phoenix heart from soaring?

"One of the best contemporary romances I have read this year."
~Tracy Farnsworth, Romance Reviews Today


Front cover of A Bed of Roses
A Bed of Roses

The love-hate relationship between patient and physical therapist, and the tragedy that keeps them apart.

Facing yet another physical therapist and his torture chamber terrified Dana. But giving up was not an option.

"...nicely written love story showcases a promising talent..."
Review by Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times