Front cover of Idirarod Nights

~Coming April 2020.

Iditarod Nights

"An intriguing romantic adventure that takes you through 1,000 miles of extreme weather and harsh terrain in the Alaskan wilderness."

After meeting unexpectedly just ten days before the race, Claire and Dillon are drawn together by the shared challenge of surviving the merciless Alaskan wilderness out on the trail. With the help of their strong-willed sled dogs, the two mushers navigate treacherous mountain paths, as well as their own budding relationship. If they can come to terms with their pasts and stay focused on the dangerous trail ahead, Claire and Dillon might have a chance to create something special -- but only if they reach Nome in one piece.

LAST LINE CONTEST Honorable Mention: "Most Heartwarming"
~Awarded by the Chesapeake Romance Writers

"Engaging romance about the challenges of falling in love while running the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Cindy is a masterful writer who knows how to build tension and makes us fall in love with all the characters, including the sled dogs. This book keeps a fast pace ... with heroine and hero fighting the cold weather and their own inner demons. This is a great read."

Kimberly A. Cook, author of Mission: Purple Hearts

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 Front Cover of Father, Son & Grace

Father, Son & Grace

"You'll be taken on the trip of a lifetime, with unexpected, often hilarious results." ~ 5 Star Readers' Favorite

Eleven-year-old Benny relies on his love of action movies to navigate life. After his mama dies, he talks his dad into taking him to the Grand Canyon, convinced the trip will make his dad happy again, like in the movie. Benny's dad, Ray, just hopes to put distance on the memories haunting him and his son in their empty house.

Three states away, seventy-one-year-old Grace is having a full-tilt panic attack during her husband's church service. A split-second decision to see the Stardust Casino one last time - and a broken fan belt - lands her square in the path of father and son, who offer to get her to Las Vegas before the casino's demolition.

Then somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma, Benny finds a bag of money...

A fun, heartwarming story of friendship, self-discovery, and forgiveness.

What readers are saying:

"The characters are down to earth, witty, and insightful. In fact, I wrote down several lines to reference, as I maneuver through life's daily challenges and choices. The relationship between Benny and Grace is a delight. The father/son dynamic is a pleasure to watch unfold. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books by this author."

"I love how the author describes each character, especially Benny. He's funny and has an imagination ... I'm sure you will have a few chuckles along the way."

"It's not that I couldn't put it down, I didn't want to. The characters, the scenes, and the senses live and move from page to page, every character motivated to help the others -- even the bad guy."

"What a fun book to read! I didn't want to put it down. I loved the characters, especially the son Benny. What would they get themselves into next? From the title it wasn't what I expected. A pleasant surprise and a great book to read while traveling."

"The character development was very polished in this creative adventure. I felt like I knew and loved all three major characters; their interwoven stories were remarkably well done. The author used humor, lines from old movies, and sprinkling of unusual things like poker hands and Native American culture to add richness and intrigue to the story. Once I started it, I could not put it down. I normally read mystery and thriller novels, yet I LOVED this book. I highly recommend it and seriously hope the sequel is forthcoming!"

Front cover of Her Phoenix Heart
Her Phoenix Heart

A contemporary story about renewal of the human spirit and a second chance at love.

After fleeing her abusive husband, Elizabeth Heart got a tattoo of a phoenix, symbolizing her rebirth. Four years later, her work in dermal pigmentation is helping others deal with disfiguring scars. Content in her new life, the last thing she needs is a colleague with roving hands. A jab to the nose puts a halt to the unwanted advance. But the tall, handsome-as-sin chauffeur who comes to her rescue isn't as easy to deal with. Not when his dimples make her pulse stumble and his smoke gray eyes invade her dreams. He promises not to box her in; no corners, no strings. But everyone has a hidden agenda, and when he touches her, he has her wanting dangerous things. Is she ready to risk her hard-earned independence and possibly her very identity, again?

Still worked up over an argument with his teenage daughter earlier in the day, Tyler Stone is in no mood for diplomacy when his client accosts a woman in the back of his limousine. Leaving the bum to find his own way home is simple justice. But what to do about the woman with hair like fire and an attitude to match is more complicated. There's no mistaking her closely guarded heart, yet her compassion and vulnerability touch him in a way he can't ignore. Fate would seem to be on his side when he saves her kitchen from certain disaster and discovers a breach in her defenses. But does he have what it takes to heal the emotional scars that keep her phoenix heart from soaring?

"One of the best contemporary romances I have read this year. The only thing that I felt was missing is the recipe for Tyler's Pizza Soufflé. It sounds scrumptious!"
~Tracy Farnsworth, Romance Reviews Today

"...strong heroines and heroes to die for...Cindy Hiday has created another powerfully emotional and engaging read." reviewer

"Using the legendary phoenix bird as her theme, Cindy Hiday offers a story of a young woman trying to start over...Rise above it all and follow Her Phoenix Heart to a second chance at romance."
~Brenda Gayle for The Write Lifestyle

Front cover of A Bed of Roses
A Bed of Roses

A romance about the love-hate relationship between patient and physical therapist, and the tragedy that keeps them apart.

After three surgeries on a knee injured in a car accident, journalist Dana Whitaker would give anything to walk normal again, but facing yet another physical therapist and his torture chamber terrified her. Her new PT expected her to do things she wasn't capable of doing. Yet, giving up was not an option.

Physical therapist Michael Gordon knew his latest patient's dark sunglasses and sharp attitude were defense mechanisms to keep people from seeing how she really felt. The willful tilt of her chin challenged...and charmed. But he wasn't looking for a relationship. Especially with a patient. And especially with a journalist. He would treat Dana Whitaker like any other patient, and forget for the time being that a reporter had damn near destroyed his career.

"...nicely written love story showcases a promising talent..."
Review by Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

Note from the author: A Bed of Roses was first published in the U.S. by Silhouette Books, October 1993, under the pseudonym Elyn Day. Over the next two years, the paperback was released in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Japan. I considered updating the story before republishing, because it was written at a time when dial telephones and dot matrix printers were still in use, and people listened to their music on cassette tapes. But, ultimately, I decided to retain the novelty of the story by leaving it as a late '80s historical.