I'm Cindy Hiday, award-winning author of literary and romance fiction. I have always loved reading and expressing myself through the written word. My career as a novelist began in 1986, when I joined the Professional Novel and Memoir Writing Workshop at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. Dorothy (Dee) Burke Lopez, course instructor and published author, became my mentor and was instrumental in the publication of my first contemporary romance, A Bed of Roses, released under the pseudonym Elyn Day, from Silhouette Books.

While I worked on the next romance, self-publishing began establishing itself as a legitimate recourse for authors who wanted more control over their books. Two unsold manuscripts later, I made the decision to write the stories I wanted to write and publish them myself. I still have the first copy of Her Phoenix Heart on 3 ½-inch disk!

Dee Lopez retired in 1999, and I took over as the instructor for her workshops. I devoted my time and attention to the formidable task of filling my mentor's shoes, and soon realized my writing had stalled. So I took the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. Out poured my literary adventure Father, Son & Grace (republished as Destination Stardust), though the finished product bears little resemblance to that first rough draft. I had reignited my love of writing by switching genres. Now I write character-driven adventure stories. And, as with my romances, they must have happy endings.

In June 2020, I received a "Twenty Years of Service" award from MHCC and a lovely Bulova picture frame clock, bringing to an end that chapter of my life. I met a lot of interesting people in those twenty years, heard a lot of fascinating stories, and made many lifelong friends (like Beth in the chicken suit!).

Photo of 20 Years Service Award

20 Years of Service Award

 Photo of my friend Beth and me

My friend Beth and me

Oregon is my home. When I'm not writing or cultivating veggies, my husband and I enjoy hiking old-growth forests in search of waterfalls, strolling long stretches of sandy beaches, and sharing a bottle of Merlot.

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Writing in the spirit of adventure and happy endings, Pacific Northwest author Cindy Hiday has won numerous honors, including first place in the Kay Snow Awards for fiction from Willamette Writers. Her humorous literary novel, Father, Son & Grace (republished as Destination Stardust), is a five star Reader's Favorite and local book club choice. When she isn't writing, Cindy enjoys growing her own produce, nature hikes, and a nice red wine.

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