Ramsey Judd book cover

Ramsey Judd

The Civil War robbed him of his identity and self-respect. Now he's ready to reclaim them both.

Twenty years ago, Union soldier Ramsey Judd ran away in the middle of battle. He was forced to keep running under an assumed name to avoid being apprehended and charged with desertion. Pushing old age and faced with his own mortality, he finally starts the long journey home. Along the way, he stops in a little place in Idaho to pay his respects to the girl he left behind.

But a lot has changed in his absence. Instead of a warm welcome, Ramsey finds himself at the center of a conflict between revenge and greed. He has one last chance to make things right – unless his health, or the law, catches up with him first.

What readers are saying:

"I loved this story because it was so entertaining! The author made the environment seem like the real deal back in those times. And the characters are....well, real CHARACTERS, if you know what I mean. But what I loved the most was that the hero of the story was not some buff, young, super-cowboy that is hard to believe is real...no, he is an experienced, older man who is somewhat disappointed in his life so far and wants to improve that while he has a chance. I really liked Ramsey Judd, and I really liked RAMSEY JUDD by Tina Spencer. "

"A really good read full of local history of North Central Idaho. It's a book you won't want to put down until it is finished! It's is very entertaining and full of historical references and descriptions of real places. It's just a great, entertaining, easy read!"

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